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What drives us?

Why Basegrow?

"We believe that new travel brands should have the opportunity to become the new leaders

And strong local travel brands should have the opportunity to scale cross-border, regardless of budget

How do we achieve growth at Basegrow?

Companies partner with us to fuel their growth journey

Operating from Amsterdam, our dedicated team of Basegrowers includes: Marketeers, Deliverability experts and Data analysts

What is Basegrow?

Basegrow serves as the crucial initial step for travel companies seeking entry into new markets. Over the past decade, we've meticulously gathered over 50+ million travel audiences in Europe, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

We maintain frequent communication with these audiences through various channels, primarily via social media, posts, and email campaigns.

Operating across multiple countries including The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavia we provide a comprehensive platform for market expansion and audience engagement.


Our close partnerships with our clients enable us to deliver world-class work that drives mutual success

We are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of exceptional brands


"Since 2012, we have been assisting travel companies in their growth journey, catering to a diverse range from startups to scale-ups. Additionally, we provide support to corporations seeking to establish a presence in new markets."

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